I showed this picture to my mom and she explained me this. “Kids today don’t watch cartoons as much, when you were little you were addicted to cartoons. Nowadays there are so many social media sites and games that kids aren’t interested in cartoons anymore. Even at your age ( I’m 17) you still watch and enjoy watching cartoons because that’s how you grew up. While your sisters aren’t that interested in them because they have their electronic devices. That’s why cartoon network went from having a variety of cartoons to watch daily, to a select few that are now aired.”

this makes me so sad


Wahoo I finished it in time for Anime Expo! I’ll be at table E18 Papaya Arts!

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to do a big print of the four of them for months now, but only just now scrounged up the time so I could bring it to AX. Please look out for it there! And definitely come talk to me about Steven Universe. This show is seriously my favorite cartoon. So good.

Pearl is the best.

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